Vic Fontaine is an insightful global executive who consistently revitalizes and turns around under-performing organizations for profitability, growth and long-term sustainability. He uses his proven methods of building and empowering teams for unsurpassed excellence.

Vic has a natural talent for building consensus toward a common vision, goal and direction. Vic can optimize your company’s potential with:
• Strategic Planning and Execution
• Business Development and Cultivating Relationships
• Sales & Marketing Strategies
• Start-up, Turnaround, Transformation
• International Market Development
• Change Management
• Customer Focus
• Team Building and Mentoring
• P&L Budgets

Generally speaking, bringing entrepreneurial skills into any organization is good! And that’s what we do. Entrepreneurial skills in any organization can be synonymous with creativity, courage, fresh and dynamic thinking, breakthroughs, innovation, different perspectives, an openness to new ideas and a desire to grow. New ideas are disruptive, they’re messy and they challenge the status quo. They require taking chances and increased risk. They push people out of their comfort zones and inspire them to succeed in areas they wouldn’t have otherwise considered. That, again, is good!

Here are some samples of how Vic has helped other companies achieve global success:

ESTABLISHED performance-based relationship between Caterpillar and Script that led to the establishment of 53 operations in five years in 15 countries and created a worldwide multibillion-dollar business unit for Caterpillar.

PENETRATED the Japanese market and paved way for joint-manufacturing opportunities in China and South Korea at Grove Worldwide, Inc. BUILT Nissan Kazai’s dealer organization from five to 60; spearheaded North American market share growth from 5% to 25%+ and attained profitability, reversing five straight years of losses.

TRANSFORMED small support division into a marketing leader within the Caterpillar organization by demonstrating the value of a new marketing philosophy and tools for $1B+ overseas subsidiary.

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